Find below the examples of what we done already :

It is challenging to find a craftsman who accepts to work with all equipment which comes from Hornbach mainly for economics reasons.

Since 2009 we have been a partner of Hornbach installations for the following works :

  1. Flooring – stratified or hardwood. Glued or floating
  2. Carpets – PVC, Vinyl. Glued or installed with the double face tape
  3. Wooden terrace – WPC or wood. Installed with clips or with screws
  4. Mosquito net and inside blinds – vertical, cellular, roller
  5. Sauna

We established strong and long-terms relations with many partners in the area, so with their help we might offer electrical, plumbing, landscape architecture or tiling services.

 That jewelry store in the center of Geneva needed a new, fresh look. This new floor stratified (Kaindl type) replaced a decrepit old carpet. The model was specially chosen with the visible joints, it is very easy to maintain and does not need to be glued on the ground. The chromium of furniture highlights an elegant tint of the floor.  The jewelry store became more luminous and appealing

That terrace is made of “Ipe”, the wood very dense and extremely resistant to the outdoor conditions.  

By origin it is brown-red, which remains teak and gets some grey tint with passing time. Different laying is possible. For this terrace we took the blades of the terrace length, so that we did not to have the joints in the middle.  

This deck was fixed with the underlayer made of “Ipe” wood, on the mature (aged, old) stones, which compounded the ancient terrace of that villa. The original terrace was on the very steep level, so it needed to be equalized to get the construction on the same level as the indoors.  

Annual treatment helps to save the initial appearance

This house was half- restored.

Originally there existed old tiles and carpets. Our idea was to reunite the surface, so we chose to put wooden floors on the all area. Long (2-3m), laminated woods, highlight considerably large surface of rooms.

Skirting boards of 10cm are directly glued to the walls. On the other hand to make the surface light, the skirting boards weren’t used on the stairs and the steps of stairs were rounded.

Result; a light, natural and fresh look.

 An easy way to maintain your terrace or balcony.  

This is an artificial lawn of 2,3 or 4 meters length. Say stop to mowing or watering your lawn.

This solution is not complicated, very resistant and brings a touch of green to your balcony/ terrace.

We had a lot of tecnical constraints. We changed this floor. of an ancient craftsman’s office, into an apartment.

We fixed a vinyl with the parquet pattern.

Fixing wooden parquet was not possible due to the difference in levels between the room and outdoor garage.

For this bathroom we chose vinyl floor as well, but this time with some boards of one meter.

It works perfectly for the humid places, as it is very resistant. Plus it’s very easy to maintain. Its irregularity and layout of stripes, makes it look like a wooden one!

Here is some exemples

Still in the same apartment, on the first floor, we fixed a stratified floor, with three extra stripes and under-laying, in order to well isolate the room (thermic and phonic).

At the end the floor was perfectly and detailed fixed with the stairs.  


Some may think that the carper is out of fashion, but in fact it is a great idea to refresh your staircase for exemple. It fits perfectly with the walls only in concrete and gives it a cozy and warm look.   

As an advantage carpets are very sensible in touch, especially for bare feet, skid-proof and you benefit of the vast choice of colors and textures.

One may think that it is a wooden floor, but in reality it’s a tile floor with all the resistance qualities which are essential in kitchen.

This solution has a tremendous range of choice. It might be installed without the visible joints, to point out the wooden effect.

 This basement was designed as a play room. The main challenge was to well insolate the room and bring some more light inside.  

What is more the pipelines were going through the top of all walls, which was not aesthetically pleasing. Unfortunately we could not provide a false ceiling because of the window, installed very high.

We have then built a 13mm MDF box to hide the pipes and built a thin false ceilling to put spots in it.

We have also put a wool isolation inside to isolate the main floor

We have installed a glued hardwood floor on the ground and stairs and repaint the whole room.

That’s now a brand new playroom for kids !

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