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Knowing how to choose your firewood and have beautiful flames that crackle and dance in the fireplace while outside in winter and cold weather is not easy... ...With a good book and a hot drink you could stay in front for hours! What kind of wood to choose? Take...

For a good start to winter, we suggest a recipe for a good quince jelly to make at home. The quince jelly INGREDIENTS: For about 800 g of jelly (Approximately) -1.3 kg of quince - water (enough to cover the quince in the pan) ______ This quantity gives about 5dl of juice to which it will be necessary to add .

HALLOWEEN Halloween or Halloween (Quebec and New Brunswick custom) is a traditional pagan and folk festival originating from the Anglo-Celtic Islands celebrated on the evening of October 31, the eve of the Christian feast of All Saints' Day. Its name is a contraction of All Hallows-Even which means the eve of All Hallows' Day in contemporary English and can be translated as "the eve of All Hallows' Day".

1. Why composting? In addition to being free and environmentally friendly, composting reduces the volume of waste by 30%, feeds the garden soil and avoids the use of fertilizers, which are harmful to the environment. 2. How composting works In order to obtain good compost, the following three factors must be combined: oxygen, water and ...

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