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Optimization of your property for sale

Our ExpertiseBefore even contacting a real estate agency or broker, it is advisable to take stock of the condition of your property.

Clearance and de-cluttering
In order for the future buyer to be able to project himself into your home, it is necessary to de-clutter the rooms and free up the spaces.
Once the sale has been completed, we can also empty your home of furniture and effects to be thrown away.
Complete cleaning of your property
It is likely that your home will need to be professionally cleaned before the keys are handed over.
Cleaning your home for visits by future buyers is also important to give a good impression and neat accommodation.
Minor renovations
Although it is often the new purchaser who will do the work to his or her liking, it is often advisable to carry out minor work to make the property directly viable for the new purchaser.
It should be remembered that the potential buyer does not necessarily have knowledge of renovations and may overestimate the work to be done
Garden restoration
The garden is often the first impression for a visitor. It is important that the garden is clean and well maintained.
Choosing the right partner
Finding the right partner depends on many parameters such as your location or the type of property you want to sell.
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End of lease cleaning per year


Quick estimate of your initial cleaning

This estimate is made on the basis of an end-of-lease cleanup to the standards of a management company.
Free quotation without obligation
Please do not count the kitchen, an open kitchen will be counted as half a room.
Bathrooms and toilets
Would you like us to fill in the holes in the walls you made? This task must be done cleanly and with the proper equipment.
With machine
Is your accommodation being made furnished?
Total CHF

The price expressed is only indicative, it may vary depending on the access, the number of windows and, more generally, the configuration of your home.

Additional Services

Restoration of your garden
Waste disposal
1 m3 = 1m wide x 1m long x 1m high
Wall Painting
Price may vary depending on the type of wall
Minimum 10m2 - otherwise we will charge a flat rate.

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