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February 23, 2021by Mathias Domahidy0
Re(discover) your garden

In this new blog, we will, together, travel through the vast and wonderful lands that the concept of permaculture opens up. Whether you've never heard of it or you're a seasoned permaculturist, this blog is for you. These posts will allow you to discover, in a way that is both didactic and playful, the enriching perspectives of a practice that connects just about every aspect of our lives. And this, at your fingertips, right in your garden.

An activity for the whole family

From a few pots of aromatics placed on your balcony to your garden, this blog will extend to your home, your environment, your neighborhood. It will focus as much on natural cycles as on economic and financial issues. It will talk about health and well-being, social ties, stimulating your manual skills as well as your intellectual abilities. Permaculture can of course be practiced alone. But I will show you that being not only a pedagogical and didactic activity but also joyfully playful, it lends itself perfectly to the whole family!

Of course, I can imagine that some of you do not understand anything about gardening or handicrafts. Myself, born with a big hair in my two left hands, which moreover is, a priori, absolutely not green, I waited until I was 30 years old to plant my first nail (by pitifully doing it three times...)? Moreover, I systematically killed all the plants that tenaciously optimistic friends continued to offer me to decorate my interiors. A hedge was trimmed, the trees looked like birds, the Migros and the Coop provided my fruit and vegetables. In terms of ecological awareness, I turned off the water while brushing my teeth and recycled my waste. It all started with a combination of factors.

Access to a garden and the contractual need to maintain it, reading a book "The Revolution of a Single Straw" by Masanobu Fukuoka, offered by a thoughtful acquaintance and meeting my lover, an organic and vegetarian.

All profit!

Curious by nature and a perfectionist by nature, I began to glean information about gardening in general and permaculture in particular. Through a literature which, in addition to horticultural basics, opened up a whole tree of issues related to agricultural production, the interdependence of all the actors (animal, plant, mineral) in a biotope, the interactions from one biotope to another, the issues of regeneration and resilience, waste reduction and the efforts made to achieve maximum and responsible exploitation of resources over the long term. The prospects of benefiting my health, my well-being and my wallet have definitely won me over.


Hand to Earth

So, three years ago, I put my hands in the dirt, or rather in the ground, and this is what I have achieved this summer. And this, with a relatively small investment of money, time and effort (and it's only a third of the total plot).

The articles of this blog will be built in three parts. A first one rather theoretical on the main themes and the main axes of permaculture. The second one will propose, month by month (and even in the middle of winter), activities to do in, around or even out of your garden. The last part will give some more playful advice, perfect to make your children participate joyfully in the gardening work.

Joy of learning

The many confinements or semi-confinements offer us an ideal opportunity to (re)discover our garden. And the time to learn, with family, friends or neighbours, what it is made of, how it lives, develops and transforms itself while ensuring a tasty and healthy production that can be enjoyed all year round. And for your children, there will also be practical "lessons" in botany, biology, chemistry, design and economics. A thousand birds with one stone!


And, below, some links for history lovers.

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