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Our expertise in the service of this cleaning ladyHolders of the authorization of the employment service to practice service rental, we offer you our cleaning ladies at your service.

Our employees are insured by Ouidoo
The employee assigned to your home will always be the same one.
The price of the maintenance household includes social security charges, travel expenses and VAT.
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Cleaning hours per month


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How does our cleaning service work?

1. Contact
During a first telephone contact, we will target your request. As a rule, we will arrange an appointment on site.
2. Cleaning procedure
We will then organise the first intervention at your home, carrying out a detailed cleaning procedure, room by room. This procedure will be used for the possible replacement of the employee.
3. Interventions
The interventions will always be on the same day at the same time.
As far as possible, the fairy of the house will always remain the same.
4. Administration
At the end of the month, you will receive a detailed invoice with all the interventions for the month.
We remain the employer of the nanny, so there's no need for you to take any action or assume any responsibility.
Prices from 38.50 to 43.-/hour

How much does it cost?

Less than 4 hours per week

You can be a Ouidoo member or not. Member price 41.00/h - Non-member price 43.00/h
Average monthly budgetCHF

From 4 hours a week

You can be a Ouidoo member or not. Member price 38.50/h - Non-member price 40.00/h
Average monthly budgetCHF

Membership costs 180.00/year (or 15.00/month) and entitles you to reduced prices on all our services (excluding renovation).

The price displayed is a monthly average over the year.

For the canton of Geneva, prices are 43.00 or 41.00 from 4 hours per week.

How is the price you pay broken down?

The diagram opposite gives you information on the structure of the price you pay. Wages are in accordance with the collective agreement for cleaning in the canton of Vaud.

The price of the service of our cleaning ladies is established according to several criteria:

frequency, number of hours and flexibility in the day of intervention.

This price includes all social charges, insurance and travel expenses.

Liability insurance is also included. You will be able to cancel any extension of your liability insurance for domestic staff.

By choosing Ouidoo

You provide your cleaning lady with treatment and protection monitored by several official bodies

Authorization of the employment service to practice service leasing
Service controlled by the Joint Cleaning Committee
Laureat 2016 of the Swiss Ethics Prize

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