Do-it-yourself and decorating8 tips to create a warm interior

March 20, 2021by Laurianne Gandy0

Do you find your home cold and impersonal? Do your rooms lack character and comfort?

Rest assured, it doesn't take much to make your rooms more welcoming. With ease and without breaking the bank, we offer you 8 tips that will bring warmth and softness to your home.


1. Clear the clutter

tidy and clean living room

Isn't it said that a tidy house equals a quiet mind?

Sort, tidy, declutter and dispose of what you no longer need. Keep in mind that a clean and tidy home always feels better.


2. Use mirrors to give more effect

living room with mirror

Mirrors amplify natural light and help illuminate a dining room during the day. In the evening, they gently reflect the light for a pleasant atmosphere.

A large mirror placed on a mantelpiece or sideboard will visually extend the room by making it appear larger.


3. Install comfortable seating

comfortable and colorful decoration seat for living room

Make your guests feel relaxed and comfortable by providing comfortable, cushioned seating.

Let yourself be tempted by materials such as wood, quilted fabric or leather in harmony with your dining room table.


4. Bring character to the room

decorative elements for living room

Balance your spaces with handcrafted elements found at a flea market, with an artist or brought back from your travels: decorations, rugs, coloured pictures, oversized terrarium...


5. Create warmth with good lighting

bulbs and light

To create a warm atmosphere, there is nothing more important than good lighting. Avoid single, harsh lights hanging from the ceiling, and instead choose bulbs that give off warm light. Next, make sure you have several sources of light: table lamps, floor lamps, mood lighting, candles...


6. Add vitality with plants and flowers

flower bouquet for living room with mirror

Arrange fresh flowers in a pretty vase that can be placed on a table, dresser or pedestal table.

For your potted plants, choose pots and planters in warm tones, in terracotta for example, or in brass if you prefer metal. Sea rush baskets, very trendy at the moment, can be used as planters.

Don't have a green thumb? Why not consider adding fake plants (as long as they are realistic) to your interior?


7. Play with textures

leather sofa and colored carpet in living room

Place nice rugs on the floor. In addition to being decorative, they will muffle noise and provide protection between your feet and the cold, hard floor of the room.

Place cushions - and why not plaids - on your sofas and armchairs for more comfort and softness.


8. Don't leave all your walls bare

series of paintings on the walls in the living room

Often, rooms with bare walls can appear stark. Depending on your taste, don't hesitate to hang mirrors, artworks, posters, paintings or photographs to warm up the atmosphere.


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